Autumn in the Garden

Here are some autumnal impressions from the garden..

IMG_1333 (600x800) IMG_1329 (800x600) IMG_1323 (800x600)

Above is our lovely cut-leaved beech tree. Quite a rare, tall specimen and nice to look at at any time of year.

The only problem is once all the leaves have fallen they all need sweeping up…

And here are my little Pekin helpers pecking at the weeds:

IMG_1330 (800x600)

…and our Scots Grey cockeral helping to keep the grass short. Unfortunately he also likes the sweet peas…

IMG_1326 (800x600)

These three are from our second lot of chicks. Must get some more company for our two pekins! They are such fun to watch, very therapeutic.

…And a sign for people coming up the drive “Beware of the chickens!”

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