Chicks update

The chicks are now eight days old and growing fast. To be honest I had forgotten how quickly they develop feathers. Still looking cute though and Eric is in the process of building them a designated run so they can have a taste of the great outdoors soon. Here’s a picture of them at 3 days old:





Mum seems to be a good sport!

We said goodbye to a lovely, lovely couple from Germany yesterday (they stayed on the Green Room) who we hope to see again not as paying guests but as friends soon (Mustn’t make a habit of this though, or we’ll never have the parapet gutter repaired!). They even helped in the garden and it feels like I have learnt so much from them in terms of gardening knowledge. I did feel a little self-conscious when I found out he was a professional cook mind, but apparently it was “all good”. Lets hope so 😉 We also did some patchwork together as it turns out she’s into sewing too, really enjoyed it.


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