Cushion Stencil

Oh the things I get excited about!

A cushion stencil arrived in the post today! No more guesswork (or cutting out individual templates on tissue paper) as to how to best cut out the fabric! I bought it from the college where I did my Soft Furnishings Diploma. It’s something I’ve been eyeing up for years so when somebody asked me to do some teaching on cushion design I thought that would be a good enough excuse to finally get one!

My sewing machine had to go in for a service in Eyemouth so I hope I managed to charm the engineer enough for it to be finished by Monday morning! I fetched out the old hand-operated Singer a friend gave me because I’m feeling a little bereft this week without my machine.. See how I get on…

IMG_1397 (800x600) IMG_1398 (800x600)

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