All meals are included in the price. All food is freshly cooked.  We generally have four meals a day,  with food drawn from various cultures such as:



  • could be a range of things from toast and homemade marmalade, cereal, porridge, brioche with homemade jam, rolls, pains aux chocolat, bagels…


Lunch could be a combination of any of the following:

  • soup
  • sandwich
  • salad
  • toasties
  • cheese on toast


Kaffee und Kuchen (traditional German coffee and cake)

  • homemade cakes or biscuits
  • sometimes, when there’s no time to bake it’s the traditional British packet of biscuits!


Dinner (the evening meal) is the main meal of the day a mix of British and continental dishes and might include any of the following:

  • roast chicken/ham etc, which often results in a
  • chicken pie the next day (or similar)
  • lasagne
  • fish and chips
  • haggis (the Scottish national dish, we prefer the vegetarian version!)
  • bangers and mash
  • curry with rice
  • stir fry with noodles
  • baked potatoes with various fillings/salads
  • potato gratin with vegetables
  • homemade pizza

We can cater for vegetarians and gluten free diets. We generally favour vegetables and only eat meat two or three days a week.