Lucy’s First Patchwork Quilt

Lucy decided to make a quilt for herself to keep her warm when watching a film (we’re a bit stingy on the heating front! – But don’t worry, we do turn the heating up for guests ;-)….). We have been working on this one for a few weeks, doing a few squares here and there, here are they all up on the design board:

Lucy's quilt squares up on the design board

Lucy’s quilt squares up on the design board

She spotted a quilt using this pattern in my local Quilters Guild newsletter and decided to give it a go. She chose all the fabrics and we’ve been using mainly leftovers from other projects but I do have to admit that I bought a couple of fat quarters for her too. She has been really enjoying it and it looks like Albert can’t wait until he can try it out too:


She’s started to sew the squares together now, overall the execution is very good, with all the seems lying flat and sewn fairly accurately. I did handle the sharp and hot things though (ie cutter and iron), I think age nine she’s allowed to get some help with the scary stuff!.



If turning down the heating means your children get creative as a result (not to mention the savings on the electricity bill – but then again I probably did spend that on more fabric!), then I’m all for it!


Lucy’s First Patchwork Quilt — 2 Comments

  1. Das ist ja schon ein tolles Patchworkwerk und sieht schön und gekonnt aus.Weiter so, Lucy!

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