Reasons to be cheerful

We have some (very camera-shy) CHICKS!!! I spotted two, possible three this afternoon, with lots of chirping going on underneath “mum”! Had some problems about ten days ago with a couple of the eggs breaking so I was kind of holding my breath, telling the kids we may not have any chicks after all… watch this space!

Said goodbye to a lovely Dutch couple this morning who stayed with us in the Green Room, only our third Airbnb guests, they were really lovely to have around and we enjoyed having them to stay. Also had a nice family staying in the Lodging who we hope to see again – especially young Albert who was pleased to have a play mate near his own age, I think he’s feeling a little bereft at the moment…


Reasons to be cheerful — 1 Comment

  1. Just now paying a visit to your website, which really looks very nice!
    We enjoyed so much staying in your house and garden, having meals together and chatting.
    Thanks again for all the kind attention from both of you and from the children.

    Kind regards,
    Elly & Jos

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