Scratch pond

Eric is feeling very pleased with himself at having created a pond out of bits found in the garden (a small plastic pond mould, some netting, lots of rocks and rotting timber), plus a damp-proof membrane which has moved house with us (although only once, unlike half the content in his workshop 😉 …), originally the part lined with the damp-proof membrane was simply going to be a bog garden, but it seems to be holding the water (so far!), have only just started to plant it up but the birds already think it’s good enough for them, big time! I am startling birds every time I pass it. Makes a change from the puddle of water in the old zinc bathtub. The hedgehogs should appreciate it too.


Albert enjoyed playing with water just as much as his dad, alas we had no rainwater, good Scottish water is the next best thing though!


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